Welcome to my website! My passion is to make leadership connections about topics that matter. My current job is to oversee leadership training and content development for an Asian American ministry organization. I consult, write, speak, and design content. I love innovating, collaborating, and seeing a project through from start to finish.

I graduated with degrees from Stanford University and Fuller Seminary, but my education continues every day of my life! I live with my family in sunny southern California. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to interacting with you here!

If you’re curious or wondering where to get started, I’ve written up an introduction on how I view leadership here: What is Leadership?



Here are some talks I’ve given in the recent past:


I write about topics that help and hinder leaders in a way that is clear, thorough, and practical. I would love to contribute existing writing and resources, or create original content for your ministry or organization. Contact me below!


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