Welcome to my website! I work full-time in organizational development, and my passion is diversity training, as well leadership consulting and coaching. I’m the author of The Minority Experience: Navigating Emotional and Organizational Realities, to be released through InterVarsity Press in September 2018.

I graduated with degrees from Stanford University and Fuller Seminary, but my education continues every day of my life! I live with my family in sunny southern California. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to interacting with you here!

If you’re curious or wondering where to get started, I’ve written up an introduction on how I view leadership here: What is Leadership?

Note: Opinions expressed in the blogs, articles, books, and talks on this website are solely my own, and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of my employer/s, or any organization with which I am affiliated.


Here are some talks I’ve given in the recent past:

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