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Why I wrote my new book, and some “insider” information.

You may have noticed that I just published my second book, “The Art of Growing Through Feedback,” and it’s available for you to download for free!  It’s also available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback.

In the book, I cover: 

  • How to make feedback creative and fun
  • How to give feedback in a way that honors people
  • How to receive feedback without getting defensive
  • How power and control impact feedback environments
  • What feedback might look like in different cultures
  • Your personal “feedback style”

The chapter on “Feedback and Ethnicity” is not yet published on this site, so it’s exclusive content to the book.  In it, I discuss how ethnicity and culture might impact the feedback process for individuals, families, and teams… and what to do about it!  Another exclusive to the book is a “workbook” set of questions, exercises, and action steps after each chapter.  These are meant so you can use the book with your team, small group, or coach to “practice” and grow in feedback!  I’m very excited about this practical component.

So why did I write this book?  Mainly because the process of giving and receiving feedback hasn’t always been easy for me — and yet it’s been one of the biggest factors in my growth as a leader.  If people hadn’t cared enough to give me feedback, I’d be stuck in a lot of bad habits and patterns and blindspots.  If I hadn’t gone out of my comfort zone to offer feedback to others, my relationships wouldn’t be nearly as honest or intimate.

The thought has occurred to me that many leaders are only operating at 50% or less of our potential, because we’re not taking advantage of the people who were put into our lives to help us grow!  So many of us are surrounded by a wealth of wisdom that we miss, because we don’t ask for input often enough!

This was the case for me, and I’m trying to reverse the trend.  But I also understand why it’s so hard.  Like most people, I didn’t grow up in environments where giving and receiving feedback were done regularly — so I never cultivated the habit.  And when we don’t do something often enough, it feels uncomfortable and foreign.  My book is all about figuring out how to de-intensify and de-mystify the process of feedback, so that it becomes easier and feels more natural.  I want feedback to be something that motivates me to do it more and more, as I do it.  And I believe it can be.

I hope you enjoy the book!  Can you think of a person or two in your life who might benefit from growing in feedback?  I’d love it if you’d take a minute to paste and share this link or page with them.

Link: Download or buy “The Art of Growing Through Feedback”

Thank you!  And I look forward to hearing your feedback.  : )

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