Envy, Competition, and Comparison

This article was also posted on ChurchLeaders.com. When was the last time you heard someone talk about envy or competition in ministry? For me, it’s been a while.  It’s pretty taboo.  But as much [...]

Leaders Don’t React, They Initiate

When was the last time somebody called you on the phone, just to ask how you were doing?  No particular item of business to discuss… but just to check in?  Or the last time you were new to a [...]

Expanding the Circle of Fellowship

This article was originally published in Inheritance Magazine.  Please do not reproduce this article without the expressed written consent of Inheritance Magazine.  Visit www.inheritancemag.com [...]

Rethinking Culture and Mission

The article below, “Rethinking Culture and Mission,” is the result of many conversations with many people, and was originally released on Epic Movement’s resource website here.  It engages the [...]

Self-Absorption: The Biggest Problem

When the Wall Street Journal published the article, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” featuring excerpts from Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, it seemed everybody had a reaction — [...]

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