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I’m very excited to share with you a new leadership resource I’ve developed called, “Facing the Demands of Leadership!” 

Here is the basic information about my new training book & discussion guide designed for your teams, churches, and organizations, called Facing the Demands of Leadership:

  • It contains 7 sessions with discussion questions…

    …to foster dialogue and relationships in teams, small groups, or a leadership coaching setting.  This is based on my belief that growth happens through relationships, rather than reading in solitude or merely downloading information.

  • Each session is focused on a specific leadership skill…

    …that we can learn and develop, such as: connecting with pain, seeking regular feedback, asking for help, learning from mistakes, and more. Inspired by some of the categories in Dr. Henry Cloud’s book Integrity, and based on data from the teams I’ve worked with, these skills are specifically targeted to cultivate internal growth – so that we can learn to face the challenges and demands of life.

  • Each session contains a Biblical character study.

    If you work in ministry or in a church, these provide some examples to spark a great discussion.  If you are not working from a Christian faith background, there are still plenty of questions and content in the chapters that pertain to leadership growth!

  • Finally, each session contains cross-cultural questions…

    …that are meant to cultivate learning about ethnicity, gender, and power.

This past year, we used this training in every team throughout our organization, and I’ve revised it with helpful feedback I’ve gotten from staff, as well as the input and wisdom of two of my teammates.  Here’s what some users had to say:

Each chapter addresses something very real in my life and leadership, and I’ve made applications to both my workplace and family! – Tommy

The topics in this book paved the way for me to ask for feedback from people on my team, like “How am I doing as a team leader?”  It’s common for teams to wrestle through communication and conflict, but asking for feedback helped me be less defensive and build relationships with my teammates. – John

The action steps are great and helpful to make sure we’re not just staying in our brains, but are actually taking steps to move forward in leadership. – Whitney

I am an ethnic minority woman and work with a lot of majority culture leaders. I hadn’t really had an authentic conversation with my team about cross-cultural realities until now.  Even though the conversations weren’t always easy, it was very motivating to me that we could talk about these things. – Lydia

It helps teams talk about the right things… very thoughtful content and questions. It has stimulated some very good discussions, and motivated people to pursue even more understanding beyond what is contained in the book. – Tom

If you’re interested in getting this resource for your church, team, coaching, or ministry, it’s available at this link: Get copies of “Facing the Demands of Leadership”

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment or e-mailing me.  Thank you, and I pray this resource helps boost your leadership to the next level!

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